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We’re Working on ’12’

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Release 12 Blog - Number 12 Explainer

A little History

Some of our original users may remember way back to our first SmartClient release. It was quite some time later that we released its sister product, Smart GWT. Even with our latest release – and despite SmartClient and Smart GWT having the same feature set, and synchronized release schedules – their release numbers have always been out of step:

  • SmartClient 9 | Smart GWT 4
  • SmartClient 10 | Smart GWT 5
  • SmartClient 11 | Smart GWT 6

At times, this has caused a little confusion. So, starting with our next major release, SmartClient and Smart GWT release numbers will be synchronized.

Our Next Major Release: 12

Release 12 is well underway. In fact, as soon as we finished our 11.1 | 6.1 celebrations, (learn more about 11.1|6.1 here), our dev team immediately got cracking on 12.  We are still some months away from a release date but will keep you posted on schedule. Since we plan to start talking about its contents, we wanted to get ahead of any release numbering questions.

Here are the blog posts so far on R12 contents (more to come):


If You Are Not Yet on Our Latest (11.1 | 6.1) …

*** Upgrades from SmartClient 11.0 | Smart GWT 6.0 to SmartClient 11.1 | Smart GWT 6.1 are FREE. ***

When upgrading from earlier versions, discounts are based upon the date of your previous purchase (so no need to wait until Release 12). Please contact us for upgrade pricing.
  • To order an upgrade from a previous version & for more options, contact sales.
  • For more information on how our licenses work, see the Product & Licensing FAQ.

Once you have purchased your upgrade, Download SmartClient 11.1 or SmartClient 6.1 to get started (don’t forget to log in first)!




Jason Hardy-Smith