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SmartGWT is out

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Yes it’s true!  SmartGWT was officially released yesterday with an announcement on Sanjiv’s blog.  The SmartGWT project is hosted on Google Code -  go there for downloads, JavaDocs and an online showcase featuring about 250 samples.

I’d like to thank Sanjiv for all his hard work in getting this release out so much sooner than anyone expected was possible.  As far as I can tell, Sanjiv has not slept since late September. 

Sanjiv’s release announcement for SmartGWT is quite possibly the best single explanation of how SmartClient & SmartGWT differ fundamentally from the many “widget libraries” that have crowded the Ajax space, and is well worth a read.

 For those just joining us, some quick points about SmartGWT:

  • SmartGWT lets you write Ajax RIAs in 100% Java using standard Java tools like Eclipse, with a programming model similar to Java Swing
  • SmartGWT and the underlying SmartClient library are LGPL, free for use inside commercial, closed source applications without payment of any kind
  • Through SmartClient, SmartGWT insulates you from all cross-browser issues, even when building custom components or branding/theming an application
  • SmartGWT exposes the complete SmartClient API to Java, offering dramatically richer and broader functionality than any other GWT-based solution
  • SmartGWT can be used with any type of server (not just Java) via integration with REST and WSDL services

 Look into it 🙂

SmartGWT Showcase