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Blog-Quetions Answered

In our recent survey, we asked for input on our product roadmap. Thank you very much to all those who participated. In the feedback we received, there were a bunch of comments / requests / questions. Some of our responses may be interesting to a broader audience, so we have provided them below.


Q: Server side Advancedcriteria is still missing. Would be great if it’s implemented in Release 12.

A: It has been available for multiple releases. Click here for more info.


Q: Which version of GWT will SmartGWT have as a requirement to be compiled and run in Release 12?

A: We have no current plans to require higher versions than our current recommendation, which is currently to use at least GWT 2.7 since debugging works poorly in prior versions of GWT. 


Q: I am concerned with GWT 3.0. I remember upgrading to Super dev mode when 2.7 was still in Beta, there was almost no documentation. Although 3.0 is probably ages away, what does Isomorphic think about this (especially if JSNI goes away I assume you are in some trouble)

A: JSNI is being replaced by something called JSInterop, which in theory can do everything JSNI can do and more.  While there will be a great deal of needless effort on our part required due to Google’s decision to deprecate JSNI, our expectation is that we will keep the entire SmartGWT API the same, and backward compatible.


Q: Can you please implement ckEditor instead of your rich text editor?

A: You can see pre-built integration instructions here.


Q: I would like to be able to mix standard Javascript, HTML components in with SmartGWT.  

A: We have very deep support for this. Click here for more info.


Q: It would be great to be able to define SmartGWT interfaces using XML (in a similar way to the way JavaFX handles this). 

A: This is already available. Click here for more info.


Q: I would like more server-side functions with more examples

A: Please make sure you have reviewed the large set of server samples here.


Q: We Would like support for TypeScript

A: We plan TypeScript support in the next version.


Q: Would like to see a book / tutorial / example that explains the entire development cycle from an Isomorphic point of view, with a demo application.

A: Be sure to take a look at our QuickStart Guide.  While not explicitly labeled a tutorial, the QuickStart uses a recurring set of sample DataSources, which then appear in many of the samples in the Showcase, including the “Complete Application” sample, which is one of several “demo applications” that are embedded within the Showcase.


Q: We would like a component to allow configuration of existing colors in the current themes, font size, font types and icons.

A: Based on the feedback we’ve been getting, we are looking to incorporate this in a future release.


Q: The MultiComboboxItem, the values separated by ‘,’ is not a good option when the user is allowed to input texts.

A: The separator used is configurable via dataSourceField.multipleStorageSeparator, so you need not have this problem.


Q: We would like .net support

A: We have an extensive .Net tutorial (see here) that basically gives you a basic version of the SmartClient Java Server but for .NET


Q: We Need a UI to lay out forms – it is the biggest waste of time in our company

A: If you haven’t tried it already, the following may help:

  • Be sure you have reviewed the Form Layout overview, as we often find that developers who find form layout difficult are not aware of all available settings.
  • Note also that if you have a form that has entirely fixed positioning (no need to adapt to page size), you can use itemLayout:”absolute” to simply provide coordinates for form items directly. See more info here.


Q: Would like the ability to copy and paste multiple cells in the listGrid.

A: Multi-cell copy/paste is already available. See the sample here.


Remember: The best place to get your questions answered fast is our forums.



The Isomorphic Team


Jason Hardy-Smith