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Tahoe Spotted in the Wild

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Early Adopter of Tahoe

SalesDriven (BPM and CRM application provider) adopted our Tahoe skin before it was even released. We thought you might like to see it in action.

(Note: You can learn more about the Tahoe skin and how to get it here).

Project Management

SalesDriven’s project management capabilities feature filterable grids with grouping and multi-level summaries, and charts to report hours by person, project and category.



Shift managers can capture and report on hours worked:




The sales team can quickly move inbound leads and opportunities through the funnel via streamlined management of multiple mailboxes:



Sales Reporting

Various charts show expenses, revenue and other metrics, along with detailed data shown in a grid. Of course, all of this can be exported to excel.



About SalesDriven

As a relatively new player in the BPM and CRM space, SalesDriven checks the usual boxes:

  • ‘In the cloud’
  • Manages leads, opps, docs, marketing, customer service and even projects
  • Integrates with everything – including Gmail.

But, instead of the usual one-size-fits-all, SalesDriven has a new, innovative approach:

1. Customer’s business processes are their competitive advantage
Rather than forcing customers to use a ‘best practice’, customers very quickly model any business process across any systems and applications. This includes things like telephony, social media, calendars and back office apps.

2. Clean, and cost effective
SalesDriven consists of modules (think Lego). Customers get (and only pay for) what their business requires, so the UI is not cluttered with unwanted features.

3. Complete picture
SalesDriven provides email marketing AND integrates with email. Every relevant customer interaction is therefore available within leads & opportunities. Better prepared sales reps close more deals faster.

SalesDriven provides all this without requiring long, costly implementation projects.  This is possible due to the underlying technology. Yes, you guessed it – our very own SmartClient. According to Michael, SalesDriven CEO:

“SmartClient was a key player in forming the philosophy for the type of services and products [they] decided to offer. Because of the agility, uniformity and framework methodology, we quickly realized that we can offer adaptive solutions dictated by the business needs and not the other way around.”

Learn more at


How about you?

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Jason Hardy-Smith