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We’ve Finally Made it …

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In the movie ‘Iron Sky’, the main computer of the Götterdämmerung space battleship is a laptop that was stolen on Earth and reprogrammed by a Nazi scientist. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that a bunch of source code is shown on the main computer (see the image below):

block-Iron Sky

Now, when any code is shown in movies, there are people out there that try to identify where the code originated. When they figure it out, they post it on ‘Source Code in TV and Films‘ on tumblr.

It turns out that the the code shown in Iron Sky is actually from our very own Smart GWT Adaptive Filtering sample with the comments translated into German! Who would have thunk?

The Iron Sky producers certainly made a good choice: Of all the features in our SmartClient platform, Adaptive Filtering happens to be my favorite, and it is also one of our most advanced. It eliminates up to 90% of the most costly types of server contact (searching through large datasets), dramatically improving responsiveness and scalability.

You can play with adaptive filtering live sample here, and learn more about it here.

Big thanks to Blama for sharing on our forums – the whole Isomorphic dev team got a kick out of it!

You can see the tumblr post here.



Jason Hardy-Smith