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GWT 2.9.0 has been released – What does that mean for Smart GWT?

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GWT 2.9.0 has just been released.  As usual, Smart GWT is compatible with no code changes required for the Smart GWT framework, and no code changes required for applications based on Smart GWT.

This means that you can now use Java 11 features when writing Smart GWT applications!

While you won’t need to change your Smart GWT code at all, note that if you want to run GWT’s internal Jetty server (used by the GWT Eclipse V3 SuperDevMode Plugin), you’ll need to update your classpath for existing projects to pick up asm-8.0.1.jar rather than asm-5.0.4.jar.  If you are switching between GWT SDK versions for any reason, you should still be able to run an older GWT SDK with the new asm JAR.

We have also updated our sample projects with the classpath changes required by the new GWT Jetty.