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Advanced HTML5 interfaces for .NET

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If you’re a .NET developer or you know a .NET developer, you may have heard about the confusing situation facing enterprise web developers on the .NET platform:

SmartClient and Smart GWT provide the powerful HTML5 components needed to build modern business web applications, and now we have provided a free sample server implementation for ASP.NET MVC, with an extensive, multi-part tutorial showing how it works!

The server implementation & tutorial cover:

  1. Using NHibernate to implement all CRUD operations (create, retrieve, update and delete) with a REST interface
  2. Implementing data paging / load-on-demand
  3. Supporting search and sort: both simple criteria and AdvancedCriteria
  4. Using transactions for interactions like multi-row editing in a grid
  5. A data-driven approach that can access new NHibernate entities without writing any code

This server implementation works with the free, open source, LGPL Edition of SmartClient or Smart GWT, so the entire client and server solution is free and open source.

Further, commercial support is also available – there is no need to buy a license, and we can help you with the sample server code as well.

To view the tutorial and download the server code as a Visual Studio project, start here:

To find out more about our Support offerings and sign up, start here:


The Isomorphic Team