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New Release Preview (Part III)

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This is the third post about our upcoming release: SmartClient 11.1 | Smart GWT 6.1. Previous posts can be seen here:

  • Part I – Histogram chart, Selenium image load check, Grid support for auto-sizing to wrapped titles
  • Part II – Scrolling charts, Visual builder DataSource Validators, Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V


Here are a few more 11.1 | 6.1 features:

Audio Playback

Use the Sound class to load and play an audio sample. Click the control buttons to play, pause and reset the sample. The progress-bar indicates the current playback position of the sample.

Try the live sample here >

Audio Notifications

The Sound class can also add valuable user feedback to an interaction. For example, to draw attention to an error, or inform them that an task was completed successfully.



Try the live sample here >

Create any Shape – Keep Built-in Interactivity

With 11.1 | 6.1, you can directly use the underlying HTML5 <canvas> APIs to draw arbitrary shapes, but still use built-in interactivity features like drag and drop and built-in resize knobs.


Try the live sample here >

More Live 11.1 | 6.1 Samples

Several 11.1 | 6.1 BETA live samples are already available for you to play with. Try them out here.




That’s all for now, but much more coming soon!


*** Remember: Upgrades to 11.1 | 6.1 are FREE to those who have already purchased 11.0 | 6.0. ***

For those not yet on 11.0 | 6.0, upgrade discounts are available and are based on the date of your last license purchase. View our License FAQs for more details. If you would like to upgrade, please contact us.



The Isomorphic Team!


Jason Hardy-Smith