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It’s time to de-support some really old stuff

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A couple of times a week I find myself installing updates to one browser or another. Admittedly, I do use FF, Safari, Opera and Chrome. That translates to hundreds of browser versions since SmartClient 8.3 | Smart GWT 3.1 was released in 2012.

With our SmartClient platform, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what web applications can do in the latest browsers. We also support users on older browsers and older versions of SmartClient, but this is a balancing act. We tend to port a lot more fixes to the most recent dot release than to prior releases of the same major version, as it benefits the most users. It therefore makes most sense to always be on our latest release.

SmartClient 8.3 | Smart GWT 3.1, of course, long ago lost official support for major new browser versions. At some point, the time comes where it no longer makes sense to make even more convoluted workarounds to support obsolete browsers, or continue to put effort into very old versions of our software from which most clients have upgraded. We have therefore decided to end-of-life SmartClient 8.3 | Smart GWT 3.1 and earlier releases.

But don’t worry, you have plenty of time:


The Best Time to Upgrade

If you are still on 8.3 | 3.1 or earlier, there is no better time than now to upgrade. In the four or so years since the release of SmartClient 8.3 | Smart GWT 3.1, our platform has become faster and much more capable.

Many benefits of the platform will be immediately apparent in your applications on upgrade. For example, the inline operator filters mentioned above will automatically appear in your grids!

Clicking the links below will give you details of each release since SmartClient 8.3 | Smart GWT 3.1. All of these features are available in our latest release (11|6). Now would be an excellent time to start your upgrade project. Contact us to upgrade.

SmartClient | Smart GWT Release Contents
11 | 6          10.1 | 5.1        10 | 5       9.1 | 4.1      9 | 4   


We Can Help

Our forums are a good source of info / support when upgrading. If you need assistance, Isomorphic Consulting can align with your needs: We can provide help and direction, upgrade your applications for you, or even perform Application Modernization to help you take advantage of the latest platform capabilities. Just contact us for more info and to discuss your needs.


The Isomorphic Team.



Jason Hardy-Smith